We have our Carlton back

I never thought I’d say this but after the shambles of last night I’m glad he is coming back. Lets be honest he cant score for shit and is the only mug that is prepared to sit on the bench and play 10mins here and there but would you prefer him or Maiga? Well after the last time Maiga played I’d take Carlton over him anyday.

But what an embarrassment. We let him go and announce that it doesn’t matter because we are now aiming for top 10 this season and are only targeting top players to improve the squad of last season. Once reality hits that no one is interested in sitting on the bench behind Carroll we go back with our tail between our legs and ask for Carltons forgiveness.

Also what about Vaz Te? Fallen out with the fatman will he make it back into the team?

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22 thoughts on “We have our Carlton back

  1. To be honest, it’s clear Carroll is no1 and we’re going to play to his strengths. So we need a back up who’s big, holds the ball up & has absolutely no ambition beyond sitting on the bench & picking up his pay check. Aka Carlton Cole.

  2. Carlton Cole LEGEND welcome back home he does exactly what it says on the tin he didn’t go or throw in a transfer request when we were relegated took a pay cut in championship how many would do that or jump ship at club now? Plus he scored at Wembley play off final in my eyes will always be a LEGEND

    • On loyalty alone, he deserves a job for life, as a player, he needed managing and nurture, he was a different player under Zola. Great shame his potential was never realised.

      Still better than Mr Miagi though, and fits the job description perfectly.

  3. Nice to see him back…….well short term but give it a couple of months and
    When carrolls out for another six weeks
    He’s gonna b our main man..il be happy
    If we stay up this season.

  4. An obvious choice as a backup, much better than Maiga. How is it possible that everybody agrees
    except the “professional” management of the team? Loyalty and hard work must be rewarded even at this crazy
    world of money and business instead of real sport.

  5. After a 10th place finish last season I thought we were going to be able to attach some class players to the club. Instead Fat Sam has spunked £21m on Carroll and Downing, who will need 15 goals and 10 assists respectively to win me over this season. I’m not excited about any of the transfers, but the player I’m least concerned about is Carlton. At least we know what we are going to get with him. Not the most prolific, but he can hold the ball up and bring others into play, and I’d rather have him in the side than Maiga. It will be interesting to see if Vaz Te will play a part now.

  6. And the reason why we did not get anybody interesting is double :
    1/ No attacking player who has some ambition wants to be second choice. They look for minutes. If not, they will rather stay where they are, generally in a higher placed and richer club than West Ham.
    2/ Players want to excel. They want their value to go up. Not down. That is achieved through playing time, but also being in a team that plays attractive football. Right now, West Ham is not that team. It might become with time, but it’s not at this moment. Hence the difficulties in finding a good striker. Hence the negative from Negredo. Hence the negative from Bony. Hence the negative from Lukaku (who WHU already tried to enroll last year, but it didn’t work either at that time).

    Downing came because he was desperate and because he was promised playing time. Minutes. Since the system adopted by Allardyce doesn’t contemplate playing with two up front, or playing one plus one (who will not be Nolan), we are stuck.

    We just have to hope everyone stays healthy and that allardyce finally starts giving minutes to the younger players. That combination might do the trick. For this season at least.

  7. What a complete shambles!!
    We release a player and then due to the fact we can’t find a replacement we sign him back. Whatever the reason Carlton cole wasn’t good enough to be part of the future of the club but now he is??
    If Carlton turned down an offer to extend his contract then we all know a club pulls out the stops to make him stay and if we didn’t want him and released him either way we didnt think he was good enough.
    Now my question is….if we have the money to resign Carlton, why could we not use that money to loan Cameron jerome??

  8. Omnishambles – I agree, but what does it say about the egos of Sugo and Sam Allardyce. It is really ‘BIG’ of them all to admit they made a mistake.

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