Carroll stay fit!

So yes like a lot of us we have woken up hoping we might see a surprise arrival at the Boleyn but like many seasons fuck all has happened.

The West Ham way will be Carroll stepping out against Southampton and then going off clutching something and then reality will hit the board.

Can I just quote Gold for a minute: “we don’t need to panic we have all Summer.” well summer has been and gone mate so now is the time to panic.

Personally fuck top 10 we have to survive this season! That will be our priority but as the season goes on it will be evident that not bolstering the club was a massive mistake because literally everyone around us has strengthened in every department.

One good thing has come out of this though. Allardyce will be forced to play our youth now.

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15 thoughts on “Carroll stay fit!

  1. Very poor show by the board!
    Just one striker who gets injured (Carroll) and another who couldn’t score in a brothel (Maiga) indicates a long hard season in front of us – I agree that survival is the key for us this season……

  2. To Mr Gold & Sullivan how have you improved the club? Jussi Adrian Diame O’Brien Rat free signings Noble Tomkins Collison already there so we’ve brought in Reid Collins Demel Linda Taylor Maiga Downing Jarvis Carroll Nolan & oh Joe Cole on a free at least 6 of them wrong side of 30 so when are you exactly gonna spend money that makes West Ham a top 4 club not in my lifetime. G & S you are taking us for mugs I’m glad I didn’t renew my season tkt as the above don’t make me wanna rush to the boleyn & spend good money on shit

    • I think you are right on G & S have one thing on there minds I have always believed and that is when do we finish our great club off and run with there profit with the Stratford move I have said all along our club will only have players contracts for collateral and lets face it they aren’t worth the paper they are written on Deep deep pockets very short arms and very long legs to run off on and sooner the better

  3. So the general consensus is that premiership survival is our goal? That implies that it also means success and that it’s accepted, even celebrated by many. Count me out. We are West Ham, a club steeped with tradition and a history as rich as any other, envied for the loyalty of the fans, yet were constantly cited as everybodies second club, even our firm was the best at what they did. In every aspect we have punched above our weight and succeeded to a much better level than to have survived. We have been relegated 6 times in 113 years and never been out of the second tier. That pair of cunts and their bitch gambled they could get richer on the back of the olympic stadium before wrecking the club completely, sadly, for me, they will pull that off, but it won’t be with my money, I won’t go while Allardyce and they are in charge, which is a moot point at the moment with the shit football hippo head plays, even live streams are getting too unbearable to watch. It breaks my heart to have lost the profound love that I had for this club.

    • Well said just wished more real fans of our great club had not been fooled by there gloss it brings to mind there porn empire mags wrapped in cellophane cant touch what’s inside all an illusion Run Fat Boys Run

    • Really Jay? Someone opines different to you and that gives you the right to call them morons? Instead of throwing insults, why not chip in with your own opinions? Or better still, fuck off somewhere else and slag all their users off, you’re a cunt.

  4. Jay you need to look at the big picture. Personally I’m panicking because all I have seen is clubs around us buying and buying and we seem to be over confident to an extent that bolstering isn’t needed.

    I might be wrong and we might have another blinder so lets reevaluate come Xmas but commonsense tells me when you clear out the strike force in the Premier league you are going to struggle to score goals. We have added no one just taken a player back who left.

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