Rumours: In’s and out’s

Vaz Te

Looks almost 90% likely that Vaz Te will no longer be a Hammer come Tuesday. Apparently a few clubs are interested but the main boys are Palace and Stoke but my money is on Palace because Vaz doesn’t have to up root for the move.

Matt Taylor

Hearing one premier league team and a Championship club are interested in taking him off our hands on loan. This is his last season so if he goes on loan we will finally see the last of him.

Can we pull this off at the last minute?

Can we pull this off at the last minute?

Cristian Tello

According to Italian news we are going to make a loan bid for the young Barca striker. This is interesting because he is a bench warmer for Barca but is used as an impact player. Last season he scored 10 goals for them which isn’t bad when you consider the team they have.

Alberto Gilardino

Apparently we have had an offer turned down by Genoa. Not sure what offer we have made because he was out on loan all last season so I would of thought we would of tried to get him on loan, knowing our board they probably said they had to pay his whole salary. Shame really because he scored 13 goals for Bologna last season (not bad for a player in his 30’s)

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