Two days to find some goals

The commentator said “Maybe this performance will get the board to dip into their pockets and buy a little creativity”

If only they knew. What you see is pretty much what you get unless we can flog Vaz Te. We have two days to try and get as much as we can for Vaz and find a player that can score goals (an absolutely impossible task now)

Love him or hate him we could of done with Vaz coming on but I suppose understandably he has played his last game for us. But it’s all a little to late now and it has to be put at the feet of Allardyce. He was told this is what you have it’s up to you whether to buy Downing or a striker.

I’ve said Downing is a pointless signing because we don’t have a striker and the whole season cant evolve around Carroll who will have fitness problems and injuries throughout this season mark my words. A player like Carroll needs good back up and we don’t have anyone now.

Yeah we have Joey Cole but he is injury prone as well. Now because it’s all last minute and we are desperate Vaz will be sold for a loss and we will end up with a striker that is either passed his sell-by-date or will make Carlton look like Messi.

I was only just laughing at MokumHammer about a bit I read on a Stoke forum where a fan said these are the games where they need to get 3pts, I laughed because actually it’s the other way around. WE SHOULD BE GETTING THE POINTS IN A GAME LIKE THIS, we are going to look back and say yeah we fucked up against Stoke at home.

Lets hope this doesn’t start a slippery slope downhill for us. No Cole, no Diarra, no Vaz and no Carroll it just shows how we are lacking in depth right now, hell things are so desperate Allardyce has been pushed to play our youth players. I bet he must be spitting!

From the PL: Window ends on 31 August if a working day – or, if not, on the first working day thereafter, at a time determined by the Board.

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17 thoughts on “Two days to find some goals

  1. Those who smirked at Liverpool selling Carroll & Downing plus Joe Cole to us on a free funny how they spent there money wisely by rebuilding there squad as for West Ham seens to have gone backwrds come on you hamners fans wake up & smell the coffee were promised the world & get fuck all in return ok after 45 yrs of home & away I didn’t renew season tkt which I’m glad about I’m from Plaistow orig now in Norfolk where fares to & from games have increased not like the old days when we had the boys gate to get in for a shilling when we were entertained with the 3 world cup winners plus rhe not bad players in the team then the 70s with Bonds Brooking Old man Lampard & Devonshire the 80s come with Cottee Parkes Goddard Macavennie then I’d say the 90s onwards been abit of a downward slope ok we had Dicks Di Canio but no one since who makes our great club wanna make you jump out your seat so come on West Ham the good days have been & gone now were left with the shit I’m glad I’ve called it a day as now I have left is the nane I love West Ham not the team manager or chairman as for the latter hate the both with a passion but the name West Ham I will always love COYI

    • What narks me Rick is the huge (and I can’t emphasis this enough) gulf that is now between us and those lillyshites. Ok forget the 80million in the bank you just know we would of spunked it all on shit players.

      They have invested that money back very wisely. That is the difference, they seem to have an eye for quality where as we go for old or ex or clubs scraps.

  2. Hugo Almeida scored first in every game this season so far for Besiktas and they want rid for £2-3 mil. I’d snap up him up as soon as Vaz goes. Get rid of Maiga too had too many chances now and still yet to prove anything.

      • Yeah it’s a shame like I think he would do well and Besiktas want him off the wage bill for new players. Chelsea want £3m fee for Demba Ba on loan (so the Geordies are saying). Hope G&S have still got Carltons number!

  3. Were always be in the shadows now of the spuds gooners & the russian billionaire that’s without City Man Utd etc as for the OS how do West Ham get another 20000 fans in 3 yrs when our hands are tied now with ffp its not rocket science also G & S come out with we should of bought the club 3 yrs ago ha ha ha no thanks there a indrance its them or Allardyce I’d rather both out & watch decent football with a quality manager & players until then I will not spend money watching dross also funny is we buy Downing for £ 6 mill whose got no return value Norwich sign Redmond for £ 2 mill who they can get money back plus more if proves to be a decent signing why oh why we did we sign Carroll when £ 15 mill would of secured us Hooper Bent & Ba plus have money over & goes to show if we were intrested in Martin Olsson when at Blackburn we were going to £6 mill plus then signs for Norwich for £2.5 mill in Allardyce I don’t trust he’s getting on in years like Wenger & as become a yes sir man or in cockney a arse licker

  4. Very negative comments here, and rightly so. Lets look at the facts. 3 games played, 5 shots on target!!! What a fucking disgrace! I was all optimistic after the Cardiff City game, thinking we could have a good season. Now the reality has hit after the poor performance against Stoke City. We have fucked up in the transfer market. I’ve never rated and Carroll, he isn’t worth £15m, he isn’t worth £5m! Sturridge went to Liverpool for £11m, if he stays fit he will score 15-20 goals this season and will be an England regular. Carroll will be lucky to score 10 and play in half our matches as he will be on the fucking treatment table. Downing is a waste of money too. I agree with the other comments, Nathan Redmond would have been a great buy for us. I don’t know who is to blame for the situation we are in, Allardyce or G&S. But I know for sure Allardyce isn’t up to the task. I’ve put up with him for 2 years and that’s enough. I can’t see what he is trying to achieve with our style of play. Our defence looks ok, but going forward we are weak. If nothing happens between now and Monday, G&S will have to dig very deep into their pockets in January. I hope Carroll and Downing prove me wrong and get us goals and victories, and provide entertaining football for the fans. Alright that last part was a bit far fetched, maybe I could win the fucking lottery instead!

      • Even if plan A goes right it is fucking diabolical to watch TBI. As for who’s to blame, Allardyce, Mr 4-5-1, at home, regardless of the opposition, is the general in the field, should never have been considered for the job in the first place. The Commander in Chiefs who put him there are ultimately responsible but to a man, they are all to blame.

  5. When we were relegated we had an opportunity to redevelop for the future. Bring on the spences and halls bringing in the olsens and redmonds but we chose to get back in the prem in double quick time with old players on one year deals to get us back in the big time and then trying to build in the prem under pressure to stay up. We would now have a developing young side pushing for promotion with a rosey future and most importantly optimistic about the future with young hungry players with something to prove under the guidance of noble, collision, reido and diame. What a waste!!

      • And that’s the sad thing, it pollutes not just westham but our national game. Managers who stick with what they know and don’t move outside of their comfort zone. Where are all the young hungry managers with new ideas and ambitions. It’s said the premiership is the best league in the world??? With the likes of Bruce, alladyce, holloway, pardew etc as the cream of British managers in our country, it’s no wonder we are struggling internationally.

  6. Maiga would struggle in The Championship the way he is playing right now….get rid of him and sign Defoe if he’ll have us or blow any money left on Ba to tide us over until next year. Failing that start Ravel upfront instead of Maiga,,,you just never know!…personally the way I feel tight now after watching the Stoke game I’d start Tompkins upfront over Maiga….I think he’d do everything Maiga did on Saturday and again who knows…but for Sam to be saying we don’t need a striker ARE YOU KIDDING me!…Is he saying that just because he knows he isn’t getting one?

    • We are starting where we left off 44YFH. All this bollocks about strikers a priority over the summer blah blah blah all we have done is ship them out no one has actually arrived!

      Agree with Tomkins, you would get the odd goal off his head!

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