The Diarra problem

Down and out. Back next season...

Down and out. Back next season…

Yes I reckon the board and Allardyce must be cursing. Basically we signed Diarra on a 3yr contract, he spent 6 months injured came back and spent the next 6 months on loan. Had a good pre season by all accounts and is now injured for the rest of the season.

The problem is that we cant sign anyone because of the salary cap, Diarra is on 50k a week so we lose a player and he cant be replaced because he is on our books. Every season we seem to have a player that drains the club and we get nothing in return.

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10 thoughts on “The Diarra problem

  1. Alou Diarra aka Keiron Dyer II

    Not good news. Lets hope Diame can stay fit otherwise we may have some issues. Maybe an option would be to play Tomkins as a defensive midfielder. He’s done it before and did well.

  2. More than just him draining wages for being on treatment table grr why can’t we offload some deadwood Taylor & Henderson as our squad is quite thin plus quite a few wrong side of 30 now so injurys take longer to clear up

  3. Just a Q. As our 25 man squad doesn’t have to be counted until Sep. 1t, what happens if we leave Diarra out of it? I know we have to pay him, but does those money then count into the Fair play rules? I guess so… Just trying to find a way… (And what about insurance money?)

  4. With his problems regarding injuries. When he comes back sell him, West Ham don’t need players that are very prone to injuries. Carrolls heal problem seems a bit far fetched, a friend of mine had a bad heal injury playing football, yet he was back playing within 6 weeks. So Mr Carroll man up & stop swinging the lead.

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