The ‘vazza’ statement

“In my 10 years as a professional football player I have never submitted a transfer request nor issued a statement, However, I am frustrated at West Ham United Football Club.
Last season I was asked to change positions for the benefit of the team even though I had just scored 24 goals.
The main objective was to finish top 10 in the Premier League and I followed my instructions to the best of my ability as the club always comes first. As a result even though I was injured for three months no other player made more assists than me and no other winger scored more goals than me.In addition, since I joined this football club on 31st January 2012 no other player has scored more goals than me in all official competitions to date.
Statistics are evident to all, despite this, it has been made obvious to myself and my representatives that I am not in the manager’s plans.
Therefore it is with a heavy heart that I submit a transfer request and look to join a club where my approach to the game will be appreciated.”

Goodbye Vaz

Goodbye Vaz

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11 thoughts on “The ‘vazza’ statement

  1. I think he has been an inspiration since he’s arrival he is an attacking player and he’s still young west ham wot are u doing get rid of players that ain’t even actually getting a game

  2. Keep the Vaz & get rid of crap ie Taylor & Linda also Henderson wake up G & S as this ffp is total bollocks how come spuds signing all & sundry were left to sign donkeys I thought you were taking this club forward so how come you spend £15 mill on injury prone striker

  3. I feel a Di Canio style reaction coming on…

    “We don’t a talking about a Rooney! We talking about a Vaz!”

    Good luck to him wherever he ends up. He’s a very good Championship player, but a mediocre Premiership player. I don’t think we will miss him because Ravel will fill his place and more. I hope we still get top money for him so we can buy a decent striker to fill in for the 37 league games that Carroll will be injured for this season!

  4. Wake up guys Vaz Te is garbage. Spends more time on his arse whining to the ref than he does anything else! Good in the championship yes. Got us promoted yes. Premiership quality? Big fat NO! I really hope he goes so we can bring in a better quality striker. I wish him all the best and thank you for what he has done but time to put out the rubbish.

    • Joke of it is when we sell him he will go for a few million. The guy can score 15+ goals in the championship. If we went sniffing around for a decent striker in the championship that can score 15+ goals I can guarantee we would have to shell out 5+ million!

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