The rise of Ravel


It could eventually cost us a small fortune because there are lots of things written into Ravels contract which say the more games he plays the more it’s gonna cost us and if he makes into the England squad then god help us!

What worries me is are we going to keep him out of the squad to save a few quid? I wouldn’t put it past the boys high up but clearly we need him to play as many games as he can because his progress is remarkable!

When we signed him everyone thought he will be off in a season because he basically couldn’t be arsed, he went to Brums and was almost sent back missing training sessions and coming in late. But they stuck with him and I think we owe them for changing the kid around, if he had been sent back I don’t think we would of seen Ravel playing for us this season.

But this also goes to show how important loans are or is it down to the player. Hall and Ravel were both playing for Brums and all the praise was about Hall and not Ravel at the time, but it shows just how gifted Ravel is because Hall hasn’t really cut it (yet) and Ravel is now officially a Premier league player.

So we now know how important loans are for gifted players so step forward Sebastian Lletget. This is the next big thing in the club and in my opinion needs to go out on loan to get the best out of him, does anyone have the number for Lee Clarke?

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6 thoughts on “The rise of Ravel

  1. That’s a good point as for Seb loan him to Charlton as its only across the river but not to the scum looool any news on any striker or strikers coming in

  2. Not heard anything about Seb going to Charlton but I hope it happens. As for a striker some 13yr old kid who claims he is in the know says RoRo failed his fitness test but the player himself is saying otherwise. Make of that what you will….

  3. Ravel is class! The only thing holding him back was his attitude. He seems to have sorted it and look at him now. Fantastic pre-season and a superbly taken goal against Cheltenham. I say play him as much as possible. Yeah he will cost us money, but class costs money. If the boards ambitions are to be a top Premier League club, we have to be playing the best players. Ravel is definitely one of our best players now, and he will develop even more. As for the striker situation, I’ve never heard of this ‘RoRo’. I wasn’t impressed by his YouTube videos and that was him scoring in a (no disrespect) poor quality league. I’d rather keep Vaz, or even have Carlton back than take a risk with unproven unknowns.

  4. The cost for Ravel with be a max of £2.5m which would be paid to manc Utd, not alot considering his age and amount of potential talent he has. So please cut the drama queen stuff out, as the sum is small.

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