RoRo having a medical tomorrow but who is off?

So out of nowhere this rumour pops up of an unknown striker from Honduras called Roger RoRo Rojas and then the next thing you hear is he is having a medical tomorrow at 9am!! But no one knows who is leaving, yes the other rumour is that on the same day of the medical a player will be leaving.

I’m guessing it’s either Vaz Te to Forest or Diame to anyone who has 8 Million to spend (I’m hearing Everton) Lets have a vote…

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8 thoughts on “RoRo having a medical tomorrow but who is off?

    • Yeah I would like to see Diarra & Taylor go, but I think Welly was unfairly not given a go, like any other strikers we loan in, but I would rather see that dude from Juve

  1. Rumours still circulating about Varela, who would be my choice. Hope we don’t sell Diame, it would be a massive backward step for us.

  2. Just watched the video of RoRo on YouTube. He’s clearly playing in a Sunday league & the sound track to the video has been recorded on a Bontempi keyboard his agent. Not good.

  3. 3 to go from Linda, Taylor, Henderson, Diarra, Collison in my view we can’t let Vaz or Diame go & can see 2 coming in before window closes Sam knows so does G & S were too light up front

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