Don’t go Mo!

Yes it’s back again. Diame is going to be sold to finance a striker, this will be a MASSIVE mistake if the club entertains this idea. Apparently there are a few clubs interested but how much would we consider selling him for when the window shuts in just a week!!

Ok we have Diarra who can step in but I’d have Diame over him anyday. If Diame goes we are officially a selling club again and this was one image we wanted rid of. Taylor, Vaz, O’Brien, Linda etc etc can go but NOOOOOO Diame our engine in the midfield fits the bill because he brings in the $$$.


Here’s hoping this is all just a rumour….

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4 thoughts on “Don’t go Mo!

  1. He has a release clause. We have no say in the matter. If someone triggers it and he wants to go, see ya. That’s why Diarra won’t leave in my opinion.

  2. I though the release clause was only for the first year?
    Because I read a while back there were no bids for him because he would be too expensive now?

  3. I woul hate to see him go bit if it means bringing in a striker like Catdozo from Benfica im all for it. That guy is a beast up top.

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