Do you believe this?


“I’ve got no money left, I’ve got the squad I’ve got, so that’s it,” he said.

“If there is to be a new player coming in, we have to sell some players but I’m not looking at doing it because I’m happy with the squad I’ve got at the moment.

“(It is) unlikely there will be any ins or outs , you never say never, but we’re not actively looking for any players to bring in and we’re not actively looking to sell any players either.”

The window is likely to end with a number of clubs continuing or, in the case of sides such as Arsenal and Manchester United, starting to spend on improving their squads but Allardyce is unmoved and is not worried about the business completed by his rivals.

“I’ve got no panics going on,” he said. “I’m not anxious about any transfers like a lot of managers will have because we’ve done all our business as quick as we possibly can and I think we’ve got a very good squad.

“Other teams are strengthening their squads considerably and obviously spending a lot more than we’re spending but that’s something you just have to deal with as the season goes on. We’ll decide what strength all the other teams are once the window’s closed.”

I’m wondering if this is actually the deal or a smoke screen. Reading into this it looks like he is having a little dig at the bosses telling them other clubs are spending big and kind of leaving us behind a little, but there again he was warned that the last of the money was in his hands and it was his decision to either spend it on a striker or Downing. He chose Downing…

I refuse to believe that not a single player is going to leave or arrive in the next week and a half. The club is relying on Carroll staying fit and having the season of his life the way things are looking at the moment.

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3 thoughts on “Do you believe this?

  1. Saying there’s no money is More like an invitation to others to come and buy our players. He is teeing us up for the Diame sale which will give us the cash for a striker. Hopefully Mata to arsenal and we keep Diame.

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