The news today…..

So far….

Ricardo Vaz Te is off to Notts. Forest – if they can come up with £1.5m

Modibo Maiga still might be off to St. Etienne

Denba Ba loan story rumbles on – relentless

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9 thoughts on “The news today…..

  1. £1.5 is fair for Vaz. Lets face it he is a Championship player. I’d like to see Ba back, but looks like Maiga has to go first to fund the move, which IMO still leaves us a striker short, what with Carroll’s injury proneness.

  2. So we could just have Maiga until transfer window closes how thick is Allardyce in transfer market can’t sign a decent striker tut tut this bloke is a hinderance to West Ham hasn’t improved the team one bit plus whose going to be in for most of season when injury prone Carroll keeps putting in sick notes but goes to festivals what a poor signing he will turn out to be as we could of signed Hooper Bent & Ba for the 15 mill spent on Carroll

  3. I’m gonna stop coming on this site because I haven’t seen one single positive comment for God knows how long! Call yourselves west ham fans you’re a disgrace

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