A little bird told me Liverpool have agreed to sell him (at a knock down price) & he (Downing) only has to agree personal terms & complete the medical…..

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7 thoughts on “Downing?

  1. Hardly the goalscoring winger they wanted. Poor. Very poor. Hardly ambitious but better than Vaz Te. Would love to have seen Varela or Hamad but that won’t happen now. Should have snapped Redmond up when we had the chance but no Big Sam knows best with his has-beens and past-it’s. Very disappointed.

  2. I’m ok with this. Sensible fee, mature pro, & can cross a ball. Him on one side, Jarvis on the other, big fella in the middle, should score a few.

      • Hopefully not. If you look at when Liverpool bought these players they were on top form. Hence £35m for Carroll and £20m for Downing. I just hope I’m wrong about Big Sam and he has some other ideas than just pinging balls into the box.

  3. Any more Liverpool bargain signings (Henderson for £3m ?) and we’ll have to change the colour of our shirts to Red – the same shade as the Liverpool boards faces when their ‘cast-off’s’ rediscover their form that made them pay out the astronomical fees in the first place. It’s all if’s at the moment, but if these players click at a club that want’s them, they could prove to be very shrewd signings indeed….on the other hand, in typical West Ham fashion it could all go horribly wrong and we’ll be propping up the league come Christmas !!!

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