In the heat of the night….

It was a warm Wednesday night and at 3am a shadow moved across Green street under the cover of darkness.

As the figure moved under a street light a flash of red jetted out from under his cap and his destination was the main gates of the Boleyn.

His heart beat increased as the gates got nearer and a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his head fearing he might be seen.

So far so good and the only stirring so late were the rats cleaning up the day’s rubbish from the indoor market just up the street. Finally the gates, he thought. Where is that wanker?

The 5mins seemed like a lifetime but a small door opened and a small boy appeared, hood up he ran to the gates and out of his pocket he revealed this weekend’s demands in an envelope titled Ipswich Town.

The figure took the letter and moved like lightning to a waiting car. Door closed they sped off where the letter was safely opened. AgentLomas had received his orders for the weekend and he carried them out with impeccable professionalism…..

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3 thoughts on “In the heat of the night….

  1. ha-ha-ha-ha…….cue the plane with the banner again !!! Agent Lomas needs to stop making it so obvious though, they’ll sack him before his mission is complete. Oh, and wasn’t Bywater in goal !!!!

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