The only word that comes to mind when today I checked Twitter out and saw that Downing is very likely to come to WHU! Price is said to be between 5-6Million which is far too much for a player which the club can’t wait to get rid of.

When we signed Chamakh the fans were celebrating and the warning signs were there, our link to Downing is similar. Check out Scouser forums and you will see celebrating fans, the warning signs are there West Ham.

One last thing. I hope Downing isn’t going to be our second striker because I’m hearing they are planning on sticking him up front if Carroll isn’t available. Suicide or what!!

Some fans are very pleased with this deal but I can’t see any good coming from this unless he was a loan or a freebie. These sort of deals only happen when a club is desperate, another season short of goals beckons I fear.

Sorry very pissed off at the moment. Especially when other mediocre clubs have done great business in the striker department. Mark my words if we don’t get this striker problem sorted we are going to struggle, the club is banking a whole season on Andy Carroll staying fit and being on top form.

What do they think one striker is going to score half of the season’s score ratio? So Carroll is going to bag 20-30 goals next season? This club is in bongo-bongo land…….

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9 thoughts on “Desperation!

  1. I agree, first Titus trained pre season and now downing. On a free maybe but to pay good money for a less than average winger is madness. I have always been a sceptic with regards big Sam and his signings and some of the quality we were linked with made me think that maybe I was wrong (negredo) but alas I can see us struggling if the thought is to play downing up top. I would like to see miaga or ravel given a chance than Stewart doubting..

  2. I agree we need another striker, but also Maiga should get a chance. If we continue 4-5-1 we should be ok (injury cover wise) with Carroll, Maiga and 1 new striker. I’ve never rated Downing, I’m amazed that he was given the chance to pull on an England shirt. That said he would fit Big Sams style. Right footed Jarvis on the left wing and left footed Downing on the right wing getting crosses into Carroll in the 6-yard box. That’s Big Sams wet dream. It will be like the long throw at Stoke, we will become obvious and one dimensional.

  3. Other clubs have done well in the transfer market because unlike us they keep their mouths shut until the player has signed on the dotted line. West Ham have an annoying habit of telling all and sundry who they are going for, hence other clubs nick them from under our noses. As for West Ham thinking that using Carroll as their main striker is the answer they are truly deluded. He is injured, a so called heal injury (most people would have recovered by now). So he won’t be playing until mid September. Wake up West Ham, shut up, sign the player then make an announcement. It’s the “open gob” policy you have that looses us players.

  4. At last West Ham fans seeing sense. In 3 years a new stadium to find 20000 new fans with a championship side in my view I’d like to know how we have strengthened this season Rat 32 over the hill a new keeer plus Carroll who as we know injury prone same old same old with West Ham scared to spend money when all we hear were in debt please G & S change the record its very boring now either put your money where your mouths are or sell to a rich arab as we are years behind in quality & will never be a champions league team with dross signings also play Danny Potts lb at least he’s young & as Claret & Blue blood not a Romanian Gypsy whose here for a final payment to secure he’s caravan

  5. If. Downing is. Our. Wide. Man. 5 mill. Not bad. Seeing. Pool. Paid 20. But. Still need. Two. Forwards. At. Least. Or. One. Good forward. And. Promote. One. Of the reserves

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