We just aren’t important enough!

So I went into the Adidas shop in Westfields shopping centre today. I bought myself a new pair of trainers and while paying I asked the girl at the counter if they were planning on selling West Ham shirts in the future.

Who? She replied (bare in mind this was west London and a wall was full of Chelsea shirts) she asked her manager and the manager replied no because we aren’t important enough!

I kept a straight serious look on my face and said but you are willing to plaster your name all over our merchandise and make quite a few million in the process for such an unimportant club. 

to think I just spent £60 quid in that shop as well!

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6 thoughts on “We just aren’t important enough!

  1. JD Sports is the same – I work in Canary Wharf and the branch there sells a number of club shirts, pretty much every London Club except West Ham and never have, despite being bang smack on Upton Park’s doorstep. They were even selling Germany shirts during the World Cup – just to rub it in. I may be wrong but surely it’s better commercially to flog your club shirts anywhere you can, it’s not like they are going for exclusivity as a luxury item – it’s a polyester t-shirt with some dodgy Fx firm on the front !!!

    • Totally agree – by the club maximising profit – selling a 50p t-shirt for 50 quid, good bit of business, but I maintain they’d sell a hell of lot more if they were available all over the planet

    • Anyone from South Africa buying through Hammers shop beware !Paid R1000 for latest home kit as birthday present for my son. SA customs nailed me R1350 import duty !

      • That’s pretty rough dude, I’m in Oz and the Govt are changing rules for us to, and reg to above article it’s the same Westham not considered big enough to sell in Oz 😦

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