Two old targets now linked to other clubs!?

That’s right Zapata who was supposedly denied a work permit is now linked to QPR. Not only that they have had a bid half ours accepted!! Someone is telling porkies…

Then we have Mr Montero who is now linked to Cardiff City, why did we lose interest? Did we lose interest or did he snub us like a lot of other targets?

I get the feeling not all we have read about our targets has been the truth….

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7 thoughts on “Two old targets now linked to other clubs!?

  1. I am now beginning to think that this is (nearly) all is smoke and mirrors. We did our business early on and I don’t think unless an amazing cheap option presented/presents itself that we will do any more until very late on in the hope that some good and cheap buy/loan options come available. Most of these carefully/amateurishly fed targets are just to encourage ticket sales and general fan interest in the intermediate period of nothingness.

    Targets are selected knowing that there is little or no chance of them coming to fruition and I suspect that Zapata may be one of these with the ready made excuse about visa. Now if QPR prove that to be phony and that we very likely never even applied then their bluff will be blown open for all to see (despite hastily organised excuses detailing doubts about his suitability blah, blah). I mean who seriously asks twitter fans, in a borderline illegal breach of civil rights, to decide if a player with a serious offence in his past is suitable to bid for when it is almost a given considering that offence that you are going to get a hostile response. I may be cynical in such matters but I usually find, as and when the truth comes out, that I under estimate the lengths those who feel the need will employ to cover up the realities of a given situation. After all if you are trying to sell us the bright future they claim, you have to do something to suggest some hope that its on course, a team going into the new season little better than the previous promotion year is certainly a story they need to cover up some how.

  2. The agents of these players will probably be leaking the links to West Ham to inflate the price for the real transfer destinations in order to increase their financial gain out if the transfer. Don’t get me wrong Dave & Dave are as shady as a pair of Ray-Bans under a parasol, but until a player signs on the dotted line it’s all smoke and mirrors. Don’t believe the hype!

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