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  1. It is not a question of morals. The fellow clearly was hanging around with wrong people at 16. He got caught, he was tried and judged and sentenced, he paid the price. Does that preclude him from living and exercising his profession ? Just to put things in perspective, as awful as the crime he committed at the time is, he was still a juvenile. Spent three years in prison, decided to do something with his life instead of rotting and looking for revenge against society. To me, he is just another member of society, making a living in this case playing football.

    Unless someone who knows him well has more information to add ?

  2. Update : he has signed for Genk, for a handsome amount of money for the club selling him. I’m happy for the fellow that he is valued for his professional and present qualities, not by his past wrongdoings. Maybe because they are just that : past.

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