The curse of the Olympic stadium


Is it cursed? It seems that since the stadium was announced as ours Barry Hearn has gone and put some sort of curse on us because not a lot of positivity has come our way since then.

Our only decent striker is now injured and whatever the club says he will be unfit for a few games once he finally does return. All the shit players like Carlton and O’Neil have actually tuned down new offers from us and thought they can get better elsewhere. Seriously think hard about this because players like that shouldn’t be thinking they can get better elsewhere because they are average so that worries me.

Carroll joined us because no other club was prepared to pay the ridiculous 15 Million quid asking price and 80k wages for him, every other target we have gone for has basically turned us down. The last one Mr Arnautović was the best, he doesn’t regard us as a big club and will go elsewhere for his football. He is now linked to Real Betis, REAL BETIS!? Bigger then us?

The other problem was Sam announcing that Carroll is his main striker and that’s it. So as far as other strikers are concerned they will be sitting on the bench hoping Carroll gets injured for a sniff of football. That has now back fired because that was one of the reasons Bony turned us down! I thought the club was changing things to get more goals, in fact nothing is going to change all they are trying to do is find a winger that can score.

Generally wingers are not natural goal scorers unless they cost 40 Million quid and are world class so basically we are hoping that Carroll will score shitloads of goals next season or we will be in the same boat. As for finding another decent striker forget it, what decent striker do you know that would be prepared to sit on the bench and come on for the last 10mins?


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7 thoughts on “The curse of the Olympic stadium

  1. Very negative comments we came 10 th. last year and did not have the usual relegation battle which was great coming up from the championship

    Cole and Oneil are not premiership players although very hard and dedicated players

    We are not a big club and will never be at upton park and the Olympic park is not a curse it’s a blessing and is our chance of becoming a big club and attracting better players

    Don’t be so downcast about things look forward to another year in the premiership

  2. I think the title “The curse of the Olympic stadium” is very miss leading for this article but I do agree with lots of the content .. Telling everyone that Carroll is #1 when we only play 1 up front is not going to attract another ‘Top Striker’ to the club so its to be expected that we miss out on players like Bony who I would have loved to see in claret & blue

  3. Talk about negative. We have already strengthened so far and got rid of some average players. Yes we have missed out on some players for whatever reason (I suspect agents will have a major say in that one) but if we get a decent striker who is to say that we won’t play 2strikers, of course Sam said Carroll is no1 striker he has to, he just paid £15m for the bloke and he’s keeping his confidence up while he’s injured. We haven’t been able to play with 2 forwards because there was no confidence in them while Carroll was injured but maiga is more settled now and if we get another striker while Carroll is out then when he comes back we have very good options. There is nothing to say we won’t play with 2 forwards. Unless you read the daily mail who thinks that we are only hoofball merchants and don’t understand the concept of actually playing football.

    • 4-4-2 is dead mate who plays it anymore? Every team plays 4-2-3-1 4-5-1 4-3-1-2. We will definitely not be playing two strikers. We only have to senior strikers one of which is injured the other is crap. Big Sam won’t change his ways. Big Andy all on his own for the rest of the year. What worries me is the obvious fact that Sam has no plan B. all the other teams know exactly what to expect from us this year. Should have got Di Canio when we had the chance. Giacharrini to Sunderland?! WOW!

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