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This is the latest stuff on twitter….

Loic Remy – Against everything the club has said reports in France are saying we are after him. I’m assuming desperation is now kicking in if true and if they can get him on loan with something in the contract saying he can leave if he goes down for having an orgy with a woman who wasn’t keen on one then a deal can be struck.

Mark Noble – Our legend that is called Di Canio wants Noble to spearhead his midfield. Hope you have deep pockets…..

Mo Diame – Everton want him to spearhead their midfield. Like with Noble Everton are going to have to dig deep because his buy out clause has now expired, I’m assuming if they sell Fellaini they will have cash to spend.

Jiloan Hamad – Is it a joke? The Swed’s are saying the press have been shit stiring and there isn’t any truth in it. Lets hope so this kid is average regardless if he has played in the Champions league.

Khalid Boulahrouz – This is one rumour I am hoping will come true because he is a quality defender but I doubt we will have any chance getting him.

Kieron Dyer – No we are not buying him back, heard he is going to retire. 5 YEARS TOO LATE!

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6 thoughts on “Tweet tweet

  1. MARK NOBLE: Can’t see it, or want it to happen, but purely as a career move, it might be a good idea to move on, especially if competion for places means he won’t get a game, as 1st choice anymore, & maybe it’s just what he might need to push on, to better himself as a footballer – but I’m sure few will agree with me here.

    • Your right about not agreeing with you,him and diame should be our 2 first choice central midfielders every time

  2. I’m not trying to compare Noble with the Bale situation here, but I do think that there comes a time when you have to let go of your favourite players for the sake of the team to evolve, but only when you have a better player lined up to replace them. People were upset when Scotty Parker left, arguably Kevin Nolan has brought more to the table in terms of goals an assists since then. When Keegan left Liverpool, they had Dalglish to take the No7 shirt ! I love Mark Noble more because he’s a Hammer through and through rather than because he’s the best midfielder in the league, might sound negative but I hope you get my point. Defo agree Diame and Noble are 1st choice in Midfield.

  3. Remy – loan deal move to Newcastle… Fenerbache have apparently had a £13m bid accepted for Emmanuel Emenike,

    • Not sure why we don’t take a punt on Darren Bent – rumours are that Newcastle are in for him – but not sure he’ll fit in unless he’s fluent in French. Starting to worry that the Davids have spent all their pocket money on AC and we can’t get anyone else unless it’s a Free or a loan.

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