Imanol Agirretxe?


It’s him – or someone else.

Add his name to the list: Remy, Sterling, Odemwingie, Kalou, Vydra, Hamad, Emenike, Snodgrass, Lambert, etc etc…

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4 thoughts on “Imanol Agirretxe?

  1. Thing is kevin, you can’t win. If you print nothing, people say – that blog is shit/out of date/not regulary updated etc, print too much rumour/assorted bollocks – people say ‘too much info’ – thing is, we are not reporting imminant signings as no-one it seems has a clue if/who we’re going to sign. But this confusion, panic IS interesting – well, some think so!

  2. Kevin come on. No one knows who we are signing because west ham don’t know. I don’t agree with some of the stuff this site says sometimes but its a good thing and at least it keeps us west ham nuts going for a while.and sometimes you Got to have a bit of a smile at some of the rumors that come out.

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