47 years ago today….

West Ham United won the World Cup

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5 thoughts on “47 years ago today….

  1. WHY give it a rest mike? Please explain. Half full, or half empty, my original post is meant not that we won the wold cup in 1966, but in the last 47 years HAVEN’T won anything else, or came close. Most people wern’t borm. It is cause for concern, NOT excuse to wave some flags about. Of course, we should NEVER forget the whufc ‘contribution’ that day, but they wern’t the last players to play for England, It was mentioned – the fact that – fuck me – it’s nearly half a century ago…

    • Bloody nearly empty !!! For a start I WAS born and watched the game on a old black & white TV with all my family, who buy the way where/are life long Hammers!! the reason for my comment was base on the your headline West Ham won the World Cup !!! Which a great many supporter are to happy still to tell the world, which I feel just makes our fan look bloody stupid !!!! Yes we had three main players in the team, but as you say nearly 50 years ago for F*** sake, Its bad enough every time England play a major competition,it dragged up !!!!! And for what its worth in my opinion England will not win anything else in my life time !!!!!!!! Reason being to many foreign Players in Premier League ! where as in 1966 you would have had struggle to find one player playing in top league from
      outside Britain. I hope that explain my comment ?

  2. I was also around in 1966 mike – but only just – I had a severe case of chicken pox/measles (can’t remember which one!!!) & was VERY ill. I watched the game on holiday, in a darkened room, aged 5, surrounded by my family. Why I mentioned it, is simply because NO OTHER league club has came even close to equaling or betering that statistic, in such an important game. How many mufc/chel$ea/ar$enal etc even have more than 1 player in the England squad these days? I like to mention because we can!!! England probably will never win the world cup again, & that is to thank partly to the foreigners true mike, but it is more complicated than that. WE have to deal with those ‘shady’ characters at the FA, who no-one quite knows what their agenda is, & mostly thoughm, we live in a very different world.
    Still, we shouldn’t give up trying, & mentioning to the interested, west hams role on that day was incredible. Perhaps that will never be repeated either!?!

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