David. Tell your Son to lay off twitter



For the kids own good I think his dad should start acting a bit responsible and tell his 13yr old to lay off twitter. The problem is twitter opens you up to all sort of abuse when your dad owns a Premier league football club.

It’s not Jacks fault. He is a teenager with a bit of dosh that is reaping all the attention from thousands of people, but what it has also done is attract pricks and jealousy. Personally the kid irritates me because he cant spell and has got a lot of stuff wrong probably posting stuff he is hearing in passing conversation.

Jack said his dad allows him to post this stuff. I WOULD NEVER LET MY KID OPEN TO ALL OF THIS ABUSE AT HIS AGE! This stuff might effect him for the rest of his life. At 13 he should be talking about the latest PS3 games and the teacher at your school with the big knockers, not trying to be the WHU messenger boy.

I feel for you Jack, but for your own good give twitter the wide birth and leave all the rumours to the supposed ITK’ers who haven’t got a scoopy either…

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