Have we spent it all on Andy?

Lots of twitter around twitter saying we have pretty much spent the lot on Carroll and from now on it’s freebies and loans. They could be right because after the 15 Million (plus 80k a week) put aside from the transfer we have also pumped our last 10 Million into Sheffield Utd’s coffers as well.

Rat – free

Adrian – Free

Whitehead – pocket money

Today revealed Lukaku has turned down our loan bid as well. I’m starting to think that maybe a few deals have fallen through because we simply cant afford to buy the players targeted. Were we serious about Bony? We had another 12 Million to spend on him? Someone on twitter said that we have asked the top 5 clubs in the country what players they are willing to loan out.

Still ages before the window shuts but all the rumours point to loans and freebies from now on. Not a smart move if true.

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6 thoughts on “Have we spent it all on Andy?

  1. Doesn’t look like we’re spent out yet, as Zapatas work permit is being applied for according to Sky Sports and he’s costing about 8 million!
    Looking at him on YouTube he reminds me of a young Freddie Kanoute?

  2. Typical hammers, the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. What is the difference between us & the top 4 clubs……..they have money to buy top draw players…… We don’t

  3. I totally agree with John Hammer we are a laughing stock in the transfer market. Always bleating we aint got no money but get bigger attendances than Fulham Swansea Stoke WBA Norwich who have signed some quality players I was told in life speculate to accumalate I do not trust G & S one bit what with price increases the loyal fans are being priced out already for the smoked salmon lot to move in when they get OS this club is starting to stink

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