James Tomkins price is wrong for Newcastle United


Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew could have suffered a Hammer blow in bid for James Tomkins




James Tomkins
James Tomkins


Newcastle United have been quoted a £6million asking fee for West Ham defender James Tomkins – a figure that could well spell the end of Alan Pardew’s interest in the 24-year-old Londoner.

East end sources say that the Hammers aren’t going to budge on what many see as an expensive price tag for a player who suffered with shin problems last season and last appeared for West Ham in the middle of April.

The Chronicle understands that Tomkins is well aware Pardew is keen on signing the former England Under-21 and Great Britain defender and has spoken openly about the prospect to team-mates.

United owner Mike Ashley is still thought to be keen on ploughing the majority of summer spending into the acquisition of a centre-forward.

However, Tomkins’ name was on the top of a wish-list handed to new director of football Joe Kinnear before he jetted off to Italy for a family break.

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3 thoughts on “James Tomkins price is wrong for Newcastle United

  1. Seems like great business. Get rid I a young talented CB and sign Titus “I’m shit” Bramble. Hope that the Bramble thing is rubbish because if its not it goes to show our lack of ambition and is a huge step backwards. Bramble has been released by every club he has played for after leaving Ipswich. Surely that should tell you something.

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