If Arsenal are willing to get rid beware…

Firstly let me ask you a question:-

When was the last time Arsenal sold or loaned us a decent player? Lets list them shall we….

Stewart Robson

John Hartson

Ian Wright

Kaba Diawara

Nigel Winterburn

Davor Suker


Henri Lansbury

Marouane Chamakh

Is that it? As you can see most were over the hill/well past their sell by date. We probably need to go back as far as Hartson and even then it didn’t last long. So this new rumour linking us to their striker Gervinho scares the shit out of me to be honest. In two seasons he has a lower score ration then goal machine Carlton. Arsenal are willing to get rid, when Wenger is willing to get rid it generally means the player is shite.

Just before Chamakh signed I checked out a few Arsenal forums and they had the flags out when they heard he was joining us and they were right. Yet again I’ve checked out the forums and although they aren’t slating the fella like Chamakh they are all saying he just isn’t up to the task of playing in the PL and would be happy to see him go to make way for better quality. What worries me is that he cost them 10 million so they will want at least half that for a pony player. Is desperation already kicking in?


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