The other bid explained

Well it was pretty obvious that when we made a bid for Negredo something was up. Literally the next day after ITK’ers were saying Carroll will sign by Tuesday there was a VERY BIG reason why Carroll hadn’t signed.

He wants a pay rise. I’m not quite sure who he thinks he is, how can he demand 100k a week when he hasn’t even scored 10 goals!? Ok maybe if he had scored 15-20 goals in the season then maybe he could sit in front of the board and say look I can score so pay me what I want!

Personally I think we would be lucky to get 15 goals a season out of Carroll. For 50k a week I’d accept that but not for 100k add to that the 15 million we could get such a good striker it’s ridiculous. The club needs to tell him to go do one and look abroad, trust me for that kind of money the club can find a striker that will bag 15-20 goals in a season.

Can I suggest….

Rhodes 12 million plus 30k a week
Hooper 10 million plus 40k a week
Lambert 12 million plus 50k a week
Remy 10 million plus 80k a week

Hell for 100k a week why not Stefan Kießling?

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13 thoughts on “The other bid explained

  1. So, Andy Caroll thinks he should be paid as much as the rest of our team combined? Think again, you Greedy cunt. YOU are l’pools problem – you are not welcome at U.P.

  2. Got to buy Rhodes we should have bought him last season proven goal scorer and we could get him at reasonable price and wages

  3. It’s a free market. If he thinks he can get that kind of money, up to him. I think he has just outpriced himself, and it will not be easy for him to back off. Poor negotiator he is….

  4. Albiol and Callejon both want to leave Real Madrid. Maybe they would feel enclined to say yes now that Adrian has signed ? Callejon is very good and I think it would be a great replacement / improvement over Vaz Te. Then there is Mbokani who wants to come to England.

  5. If happily take Darren Bent for 6mil and Hooper for 10mil max guaranteed goals. Bent has proven that over the years (when fit and happy) and Hooper deserves a shot in the prem.

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