Reason Carroll is taking a while to sign…


No it’s not because “he is taking a holiday” it’s because club and player are miles apart with regards to salary. I’m assuming Carroll wants near to his 80k a week and we are probably staying at 50k. Last time I heard we had a salary cap of 50k a week didn’t we? Sure Gold or Sullivan said they were  going to introduce that next season to keep our debt in check.

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5 thoughts on “Reason Carroll is taking a while to sign…

  1. According to Hugh Southon we actually have offered 86 per week, a two grand increase on his current wages. And for months Southon has been saying wages were not an issue. You may choose not to believe him, but if David Gold says he is a reliable source I’m thinking he’s OK.

  2. Well that goes against everything the directors were saying last season about a salary cap at the club. If true that is quite incredible that they should decide to pay a player that kind of money!

  3. Carroll’s being stupidly greedy, he knows the club have set a wage cap of 50k per week to control the debts. Grow up Andy boy that’s 200k per month. Tell you what if you ain’t happy with that, then how about swapping with me for my £71.20 JSA and I’ll take what West Ham are offering you.

  4. Sounds like we’ve signed a 15million footballer – for err, 15 million. Shame he reckons he deserves a huge wage as well, but I’m prepared to give Fat Sam the benefit of the doubt on this one. Time will tell…

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