Interesting rumours today


Cardiff City have targeted Gary O’Neil to bulk up their midfield next season. They might have a good chance as well because we are going to add a few midfielders in the Summer and Gary is going to be a sub at best so if he wants regular football Cardiff city is probably not a bad move for him.


Apparently Andy Carroll is in talks with the yids!! This would be a massive smack in the face because the only reason he is leaving is because he wants to live up north and apparently try and win his place back at Liverpool. If he signs for shites then why not us? If he moves to them next season then he is a grade A wanker in my opinion because all this bollocks about wanting to go back up north is just bollocks.


The Rat isn’t a new signing say West Ham. In fact West Ham aren’t even interested in the player and don’t know where the rumours that they signed him came from!


Free Free Free. Lots of rumours but only seem to be for Freebies so clearly we are on a Summer budget. The latest Freebie rumour is Turkish Right back Alpaslan Ozturk.

Bare in mind the reason he is free is because his team Beerschot (Belgium club) just got relegated. Should be setting our sights a little higher then free defenders from relegated Belgium clubs in my opinion!

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2 thoughts on “Interesting rumours today

  1. I’m really not meaning to give you grief, but where on earth did you find the Spurs rumor? It defies logic, and furthermore I can’t find it anywhere online.

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