Summer transfer targets

Recently posted some targets we might be going for in the summer. First one was Bony which we all know about but the question still begs if Carroll stays why go for Bony? Allardyce has been playing the one up front for years and that wont change next season unless Carroll doesn’t sign that is…

Next up was Manuel Fernandes from Besiktas who is basically Diames replacement who will be leaving this summer. Fernandes is a more then capable replacement for Diame with the added bonus of being a great free kick taker. Cant imagine he will come cheap but will be covered by the money we get for Diame.

Chris Solly is next up but they must have this wrong because they are saying he is O’Brein’s replacement. Solly plays on the right not the left and O’Brein has been covering LB, that aside I would still love to see Solly here and he wouldn’t need to uproot himself.

The man who made a tit of himself in January. Yes Peter Odemwinge rears his ugly head once more but that aside he would be better then Bony because Bony would never except sitting on the bench as Carroll’s cover but Peter would. He is the sort of player you need to bring on and know when he comes on he can score for you, I think we really have to try and make this happen because WBA want rid so he will come with a discount as well.

Last but not least Carroll. If you put his injury aside would anyone like to guess how much he would of scored for us this season? So far 7 goals so we know for sure that had he played a whole season he would of scored 10+ goals which is the magic number for me because when was the last time we had a striker that scored 10+ goals in the PL? Tevez? Bellamy?

Question still begs on a couple more. That Left Back position, there were lots of rumours but all of a sudden it’s gone all quiet and that has to be our number one mission before we even consider the rest of the squad. Always notoriously hard to cover because of the lack of left footed players and when a decent one comes along shitloads of clubs go in for him and the club selling asks silly money so this will be interesting.

Last but not least Sam Allardyce. Anyone remember Gold and Brady saying “Deal is done it’s just a question of staying up and Sam can sign on the dotted line” then soon afterwards Sam was in the news saying “I wont sign unless I am guaranteed lots of money to buy players” since then it’s gone all quiet….I’m guessing the issue might be Carroll. Allardyce wants him but the club probably don’t want to pay the asking price, I reckon Sam was being cunning when he came out and said these new rules mean we cant pay Liverpools asking price so we wont be buying him. Reckon they are trying to get the scousers to drop the price.

It’s going to be an exciting summer….




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4 thoughts on “Summer transfer targets

  1. Allardyce will sign but it won’t be as simple as the club makes out. I’d love to see peter o sign for us, remember howt he changed the whole game when he came out against us . Great write up by the way.

  2. You seem convinced Diame will go. I still ask why, when teams could have had him on a free last summer they will be lining up for him now? Furthermore, there wasn’t even an enquiry for him in January despite the likelihood that his agent was doing his best to ruffle everyone’s feathers. My point is, I don’t think Diame is any more likely to go than anybody else. Maybe an offer will come, maybe it won’t.

  3. Don’t think Diame will be leaving us apparently he’s signing a new contract come the end of the season. And yes I agree not even an inquiry in January when it was “definite” he would be leaving us. Although I have a Turkish friend who supports Besiktas and Fernandes would be fantastic. By far their best player this season and also had a good loan spell at Everton. New GK,LB and Striker are more important for now we have hundreds of midfielders. But who… Hooper from Celtic? Austin from Burnley? or another foreign import?

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