Brums want Ravel for another season


It started out a nightmare and Clarke was wondering what he did taking Ravel on for a season loan. It almost came to a head when Ravel was missing training or turning up late and Clarke threatened to send him back to us because of his attitude but since then Ravel has knuckled down and has shown the boss and us what he is made of and what Fergie initially saw in him.

Clarke reckons another season with them would make a huge difference to the player and maybe that isn’t a bad idea. Ravel still isn’t ready for the Prem but one more season might just be the turning point for him and us. There is no doubting the kid has talent and it is starting to look like he is finally growing up and realising that his career is very important.

Lee Clarke said:

“People might think I’m crazy but I’d like to have another year trying to take Ravel to where he can go.

“That’s because he has improved on lots of things, on and off the field. And we believe that if we can get another year with him, we can continue that development.

“The thing for me is that he has shown the willing. I have said all along that there’s no doubt about the talent. I think people are seeing that. There’s an unbelievable footballer in there.”

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