Diamanti: From rags to riches


Probably one of the best midfielders for the shortest period of time we ever had.

Pretty much unknown when he left Livorno for us he turned out to be a gem (literally) it was a massive risk at 6 million quid but he could take a mean penalty, the best free kicks, he scored goals and added passion in the midfield.

For unknown reasons we sold him for a poultry 2 million quid to Brescia and they were laughing all the way to the bank. They knew they had a steal and it now turns out they had the deal of the century.

This summer Juve and Milan will be locking horns to sign Diamanti from Bologna who own partnership rights in the player. Potentially he will be sold for 8 million which both teams regard a bargain for a player of his qualities. Begs the question if he is worth that now at 30 what was he worth when he played for us? Certainly not 2 million….

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2 thoughts on “Diamanti: From rags to riches

  1. Well, when he joined he was hopelessly unfit & at times a liability, but by the time he left he was turning into a class act

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