Who will start next season?

Make no mistake even though we have had a pretty good season there are going to be some changes over the summer so would anyone like to guess who will be in the starting 11 first game of the season?

Keeper – I’m going to stick my neck out and say Jussi wont be starting next season. It’s no secret the club are looking for a replacement but if the right one doesn’t come along Jussi has one more season left.

LB – None of our left backs will be starting next season, it will be a new signing.

CB – I cant see any leaving unless a crazy bid comes in but I can certainly see one or two additions.

RB – Demel will probably start but if all fails expect us to dip into the January window to replace.

LW – Jarvis will start

CM – Diame will be off, Joe Cole will probably be injured and Nolan is hit and miss so I can see two additions for this positions.

RW – Vaz does nothing for me, I’m guessing they will sign a midfielder that can cover CM and RW.

CF – Will it be Carroll? 50/50

Next season…..

GK – New

LB – New

CD – Probably Collins and Reid (With additions)

RB – Demel

LW – Jarvis

CM – At least one new one

RW – New

CF – Really not sure but there will be additions.

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6 thoughts on “Who will start next season?

  1. Even if Carroll stays we need to try and find a striker that can step in and score goals. We have 7 strikers and 6 cant score for shit! Just to let people know Maguire started his first game for the U21’s and scored, he looks a great prospect.

    • Welly scored 5 in 9 apps and hasn’t had a sniff what’s the point in buying or loaning strikers and not playing them. Maquire will probably be loaned out and then sold without ever getting a game. Baldock and Maynard spring to mind.

      • Absolutely spot on! Welly should be playing and so should Maiga, with two up front

  2. And Maiga never really got his opportunity to play in a central role. I still remember him coming on and Allardyce clearly telling him to stick to the right sideline. Even with that he has managed to score a couple of times.

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