Brady explains…

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  1. I have just watched the video by Ms Brady.
    I have to say, that having supported West Ham United for over 60 years, and having seen many memorable games at Upton Park and embraced the unique atmosphere of games under the lights, the Olympic Stadium does seem to be the way forward.
    Let me clarify this. I Love Upton Park and will always regard it as the spiritual home where I along with many thousands of fans and supported the Hammers religiously the fanaticism that I have been very proud to have been associated with.
    If, by going to the Olympic Stadium, and with the continued support of our owners DG, DS and KB it will allow more Hammers fans to enjoy watching the team with more affordable ticket prices and also allow us to compete for better players and then hopefully seriously challenge for major honours it will be worth it.
    In Mr David Gold, Mr David Sullivan and Ms Karren Brady, I really believe they have the club’s best interest at heart. Obviously it will make the club much more viable for higher profile owners in future but unfortunately you can’t run a football club with wealth.
    I am now ready personally to put my faith in our owners and look forward to an exciting future at the OS.

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