Is Sam off……?

To Leeds United….?

Well, according to THE DAILY MIRROR he might be…

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7 thoughts on “Is Sam off……?

  1. I don’t want to add fuel to the fire but about a week ago a local butcher who’s son plays for Leeds u16 told me that Sam is deffinately on his way apparently the new owners are willing to offer him more money than we are. It’s all over Leeds apparently.

    • The thing is of they are gonna offer him more money G&S won’t offer more so fingers crossed he fucks off back up north.

  2. I’ve just trawled a few Leeds sites and he isn’t mentioned on any of them. Looks like Di Matteo or Coyle but not a word about Allardyce although funny enough FatSam is banging on about being given lots of money to buy (shit players) or he wont sign.

    • Yeah plus a massive bonus for getting them up which he proved he can do with us. It’s all just talk but we can all live in hope.

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