This striker business is really getting to me

I have convinced myself that we would of come away with a victory yesterday had the club two decent strikers. The issue needs to addressed in the summer but also Allardyce needs to be told he cant go spending money on players he has no intention of playing. So what do you think our collection of strikers earn?

1. Andy Carroll 80k a week

I have heard that Carroll is earning as little as 60k a week right up to 100k a week! But most reports seem to be around 80k which we have been paying in full.

2. Marouane Chamakh 40k a week

I don’t know what he earns but considering he comes from Arsenal it wouldn’t be for peanuts. I reckon he is our second highest earner but are we paying the full amount? Lets hope not!

3. Carlton Cole 25k a week

I’ve always thought that Carlton was on that amount, he took a pay cut in the Championship but was raised back to his prem salary when we came back up.

4. Modibo Maiga 20k a week

Next up Maiga, he probably isn’t far off Cole’s salary.

5. Welly 15/20k a week

Whatever he is getting paid it’s too much but generally Brazilian players get a good payday so I reckon his salary is higher then we think.

6. Robert Hall 10k a week?

Really don’t know. But cant be higher then 10k a week.

7. Sean Maguire 5k a week

He wont be getting anymore then 5k a week. He came from non league football so this is a bumper payday for him!

Reason I’m putting a poll up is to try and get an idea of how much West Ham is spending on all these strikers when only one is being used. They want to save money so next season they need to buy just TWO strikers but TWO GOOD strikers. Roughly WHU are pumping 200k a week into striker salaries! That’s about 5 million for 6 months!!! Remember just for strikers and this has to change!

Carroll will be gone, a combo of us not being able to afford the transfer and salary plus him wanting to go back up north will seal his departure. Chamakh will go back to Arsenal and become their problem again. Cole’s contract runs out and if anyone at the club offers him an extension then they need their head checking!

Maiga cost a few million, never played for us and will be sold for a loss. Welly probably cost us an arm and a leg and will be sent back to Brazil playing well for the kids! Hall is now 19 and doesn’t look remotly like he is going to challenge for a first team place, if you cant even make the bench by 19 then he aint good enough so get rid. Sean Maguire is one or two years younger then Hall, he has a lot of promise so time will tell.

So if WHU want to get their monies worth get rid of 6 strikers, save 200k a week and spend 50k a week on two good strikers! We get goals and they save 100k a week on salaries EVERYONE’S A WINNER BABY!

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5 thoughts on “This striker business is really getting to me

    • Exactly crap like Chamakh and Maiga ate keeping him off the bench. Plus I believe that Sam installs no confidence in our youth. Look how well Spence and Pottsy played against Utd in the cup and where are they now? Another reason why I don’t want Sam at our club. He’s kept us up now ship him out. I really feel for the likes if Spence, Potts, Hall, Turgott, Morison because with him as our manager they will never get in the team. Get Sam out and all his ex Bolton entourage.

      • I agree with Jack, I really feel Big Sam has no confidence in the youth! Some really good players in our acadmy!

  1. He’s always been a manager that likes to bring in past their prime superstars. He has been used to managing clubs with no decent youth system so has never had a problem when it comes to a cluster of talented young players vying for first team football. Here is another story and he seems to be bypassing it somewhat.

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