Quite possibly the best defensive display I have ever seen from WHU

I cannot praise our back 5 enough today. I’m certain the stats must of read 80% Liverpool possession but we had them in our pockets for 95mins! Collins probably played his best ever game for us and the only time I was getting sweaty was when Tomkins went off and Pog came on.

But it’s the same old problem up front. If we had a couple of decent strikers we actually could of came away winners today, Carroll wasn’t playing and if he doesn’t play that’s pretty much it for us there are no more options even though we have about 6 strikers under contract with us! Surely the club will look at this game and realise the only reason they didn’t break that record of not winning at Anfield was because of our striker problem.

Apart from that….


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5 thoughts on “Quite possibly the best defensive display I have ever seen from WHU

  1. Give the Welly a go! What is the point of signing a striker who scored 28 goals last season (albeit in the Brazilian league) then sticking him in the Development Squad?! His deal is a loan with a view to a permanent deal. Firstly we haven’t seen what he can do against decent opposition and secondly why would he want to stay when he hasn’t been given a fair crack? Really starting to piss me off…..

  2. Great result today that point is huge for us. QPR down now we need to get Romey Harry nicked him from us anyways… COYI !!

  3. Collins motm – by a country mile. Great showing by Tompkins as well. Sometimes we praise players too highly, (Winston Reid) & great that he is – he wasn’t missed at all against Liverpool. Well done all.

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