Local pubs voicing their anger at stadium move

Denmark arms

“When there is no football we take £4,000 in a month. With matches, our sales can be as high as £15,000. Our winter profits carry us through the summer.
I can’t see many pubs in the area surviving,”

Black Lion

“We’ll survive without the football, but some other pubs, which rely heavily on football crowds, will not,”

“If we went to the bank and asked for a £40m loan, having made a substantial loss last year [as West Ham did], would they give it to us?

“The £15m fee is also farcical.”

The Greyhound

“It could bring us another revenue stream,”

“If the fans get off the train at West Ham, they’ll walk straight past our pub.”

On the other hand of course the pubs in the local area of the new stadium must be licking their lips…

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One thought on “Local pubs voicing their anger at stadium move

  1. If I was a millionaire and drunk in my local every night and bought round after round for my friends and kept pub afloat, nobody would care if I sold my house and moved onto a different town. Bad press for WHU as always

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