Not chance of Di Canio to us then

David Sullivan:

“Fascism is always intolerable but managers, like owners, have an additional duty to the wider community.

“That is why, despite having once considered him a future manager of West Ham, my partner David Gold and I wouldn’t do so now – unless he renounced his extreme views.

“Paolo Di Canio is in the top rank of West Ham legends. He has been a tremendous supporter of the club for years and, whenever I’ve met him, struck me as charming, intelligent and what you might call Italian in the extreme.

“For all these reasons, I find it very hard to criticise him – but harder still to swallow the events of this week. Put simply, Paolo should not be managing a club until he has convincingly renounced fascism.”

Others would say this is a message to Di Canio to come out in public and say you don’t support fascism anymore so the club can bring him in before the move to the new stadium….

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One thought on “Not chance of Di Canio to us then

  1. Sullivan doesn’t like PDC views but is quite happy to trade off his name in the DiCanio lounge. Also PDC was a legend at our club long before GnS came in and will still be a legend long after they have sold us out to the highest bidder.

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