It’s going to be quite a clearout in the summer

Potentially 13 players could either leave or just not play any part at West Ham next season!


Clearly not wanted. Expect him to leave in the summer.


Constantly number 2 but clearly wont ever be number one, expect him to leave also.


The club are looking to replace, we saw that in January and it will continue in the Summer.


Number one priority is a replacement for Linda. Either Linda will leave or sit out his last season in the reserves.


Total disaster, will be sent home.


Contract up end of the season so 50/50 whether he stays.


Expect early retirement next season due to that dodgy knee of his.


Wanted out in January and it didn’t happen. He will definitely be off in the Summer because since January he has played like a player who wants out.


He hates us so we will get rid to the highest bidder.


Total waste of space and expenditure. Back to Arsenal you go…


Pointless in every way….


Contract ends end of the season. Rumours are he will get an extension but not guaranteed.


Will he stay or go? Cant see him staying if he wants to keep his 80k a week salary!

Really we will need to strengthen in every department over the summer. One good keeper, Left back , versatile defender, Defensive midfielder, central midfielder and two strikers.



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9 thoughts on “It’s going to be quite a clearout in the summer

  1. Shame about Wellington would love to have seen what he could for us but yet another waste of money because of BFS and his shite tactics. Just another George John.

    • Yeah totally agree, I was so excited to see Welly play and hasn’t played at all? He could of been the difference if we played two up front

  2. Goalie ? Mignolet.
    Left back ? Jose Mauel Casado (Rayo Vallecano), Sebastien Pocognoli (Hannover), or get Potts to the challenge…
    Center halves ? Tons of good ones in the Italian championship… Good vision, good technique, defensive rigor…
    Midfield ? Biglia, great technique though a bit on the homesick side (a la Tevez), Kevin deBruyne, great right midfielder, Nacer Chadli, and so many more actually…
    Strikers ? Long list. You can find a lot ready to come to England in the Italian lega a, in la liga (Spain), even in France or Belgium (Vossen for instance).

    With this, please don’t get someone like Samba. Did you see the circus he set up against Fulham ?

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