The relegation run in


Newcastle have some MASSIVE games coming up. Against Sunderland who are also in the shit and QPR away. Coupled with the fact that they have Europa football to contend with its all come at the wrong time. Two away games in May as well its going to be squeaky bum time, chances of survival 50/50. Thats what you get when you give a manager a 6yr contract!


Sunderland’s survival depends on other teams dropping points. They have a tough run in but the two home games in May might just save them. I reckon they will survive by the skin of their teeth! Personally the reason for their problems is ONeills dealings in the transfer market. He makes Allardyce look pretty good when it comes to buying quality.


Personally I think Wigans luck maybe finally over. Every year they always seem to pick it up and survive by the skin of their teeth. I hate teams like that, if you are languishing near the relegation zone every year then as far as I’m concerned you should go down and clear off! This will be Wigans moment…


Villa will survive. It will be 17th and by the odd point but I think the fixtures are more favorable for them and they have a little more quality about them then Wigan. Next season they need to start afresh with a new manager imo. I can hear them now BRING BACK MARTIN!


Goners. I don’t care how much quality they have the points difference is just too great to claw back, they have made such a fuck up that potentially they will lose half their squad, most will walk for free and Arry will leave. Prime example of how money can go bad in football.


Reading already done and dusted as far as I’m concerned. Not much to say about them.


Why haven’t I included us I hear you say? No need we are safe, trust me we will finish on 43-45 points!!

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2 thoughts on “The relegation run in

  1. Great result yesterday. Just need to keep it going. Extremely tough away games. May pick up a point from one of them. Home games winnable if we keep focused. Newcastle, Wigan (our bogey side), Reading (another bogey side) and Manchester United. Hopefully should be safe with a couple of games to go if we play with the passion and commitment of yesterday.

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