‘I have 150 shops not 150 oil wells’

Great statement by David Gold as G&S explain how hard it is to compete with the big boys. They go on to say:

“We realise we have to buy better, spend more money. It’s a gradual process. It’ll take time to build the team. Hands on hearts it is very hard to compete with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City, who have external benefactors.

“It is hard to compete with the guy who owns Abu Dhabi and doesn’t pay any tax. It is difficult to compete with Roman Abramovich, who owns half of Russia.

“Manchester United is a very special club. It is hard to match those three but over time we hope to close the gap. Our ambition is still to finish third or fourth in the table.

“We put £32m in last year. As David Gold says though ‘I have 150 shops not 150 oil wells’. I didn’t earn £16m last year, so I am now spending my savings.”

“For a club of our size we spend big money. If we spend £12-14m on a player this summer, in three years we may spend £30-40m. We have a number of targets but it’s about spending wisely.

“West Ham is a community club, you have to remember that. It’s not all about winning with West Ham. It is about giving back, about getting people in at affordable prices and playing the right way.

“It’s a difficult balance but we hope season by season it’ll get better. But really it’s about who spends most on wages and transfer fees and it is hard to buck that trend for more than one or two seasons.”

He has a point…

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7 thoughts on “‘I have 150 shops not 150 oil wells’

  1. Extremely honest assessment by DG. But it brings up the point about the OS. Can DG and DS afford the players and infrastructure to support the OS. Can they ensure that West Ham can complete at the top end of the Premiership. We at least need to be comfortable in that league in order to attract enough fans to fill or nearly fill it. That means another 20,000 plus fans … and fans that can pay the right price so that we can continue on the merry-go-round that is the Premiership. Hope that they can or there may be trouble ahead.

  2. Keep the pricing at a reasonable level and you will fill it up. Make it more expensive, you won’t make much more money, but it will be half empty. Unless you open up the doors for free at half time, or let the youngsters in for zip.

    The philosophy is the right one : community club, affordable football for all. Hope they stay with the same course.

  3. Yuo can watch a premier game at mufc from 30 quid. Thats what we have to be aiming for. the 30 -40 quid it will fill out!

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