Parts of the media hell bent on giving us a bad name

If ever there was a misleading headline this would be one of them…


Yes that’s right the BBC decided to headline a story calling the whole process a mistake to hand it to us. But when you read the story it doesn’t actually mean that at all but all you have in your head is West Ham, Stadium and Mistake.

This was the so called West Ham mistake….

“This is the biggest mistake of the Olympics and lessons should be learned from this,” he added.

“West Ham are basically getting a stadium costing more than £600m for just £15m and a small amount in annual rent.

“The mistake was made in 2006-7 when they [Olympic Board] ruled football out of a retro-fit design as was done successfully in Manchester with the Commonwealth Games stadium.

“I suggested retractable seating like the Stade de France in Paris but they insisted it should be a 25,000-seat athletics stadium.

“Time and again mistakes are made with Olympic Stadiums and the lessons should be learned for any future similar projects.”

“It’s a deal they said could never be done,” he said. “This fantastic stadium will not only host community sports, but rock concerts, athletics like the Diamond League this summer, all sorts of sports where the ball is not necessarily spherical.

“I think when you look at the deal, the income, which is going to come in from rent, hospitality and naming rights, will be very, very substantial.

“That means there will be no more subsidy from the taxpayer to keep the whole thing going.”

So West Ham mistake or Olympic board mistake?

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