The Wilfried Bony link

In the back of the net for Bony

In the back of the net for Bony

I’m going to meet with a Dutch ITK’er today to get the low down on this rumour but he told me a week ago that we were linked to him so I’m inclined to believe this rumour.

As goals go this guy can score! He has played 24 games for Vitesse this season and scored 26 goals! I think he is presently the Highest scorer in the Eredivisie and I have seen him play. That’s why I have come to the conclusion Allardyce is going to have to change his formation to include Bony, Bony is a short, powerful pacy striker with great accuracy!

He is the sort of striker that thrives in a team that specialises in counter attacking football. Well we have all seen us play this season and counter attacking we aint! Allardyce changed the team to cater for Carroll so he is going to have to change the team again. If he was plonked into this team he would be wasted, in fact he would probably hand a transfer request in LOL!

Bony IS the striker we have so desperately needed in the last few years but for him to thrive Allardyce needs to change his whole way thinking to cater for him. If he will be manager next season that is….

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