So why did Diame come off?

..and why was he replaced by Taylor?

Exhibit A


The Physioroom is generally pretty reliable and almost always updated. Do you see Diame on that list? No so it would appear he wasn’t injured. So just throwing a thought in has Allardyce taken Diame off and replaced him with Taylor for tactical reasons?

If so shocking sub only scrapes the edges of how I’m feeling right now when it comes to Allardyces substitutions!!

Before anyone lectures me on the lack of midfielders we have how about this. Leave on Diame and for once in his life revert to a 4-4-2 formation yeah how about that Sammy boy?

How about a simple:


O’Brien, Reid, Collins, Demmel

Jarvis, Collison, Diame, Vaz Te

(O’Neil off) Cole on with Carroll up front

Fuck yeah seems easy doesn’t it and I don’t even get paid to think of these simple ideas! Allardyce is really scaring me at the moment is he doing this to wind people up? I’m so over this guy!

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6 thoughts on “So why did Diame come off?

  1. He was always a shit manager with no tactical brain, He remains a shit manager with no tactical brain and he will always be a shit manager with no tactical brain. Nothing new there !.

  2. In the age of managers fat Sam is and always will be a dinosaur. Any team can set up against us as he has no Plan B and to be honest at times he looks like he doesn’t have a Plan A. 4-4-2 has been a staple formation for many managers an it works. It’s not new, it’s not a novel idea it’s purely an effective way of setting out your team with the best opportunity of a result. So to summarise, Fat Sam your a Dog Wank manager with zero tactical nowse.

  3. The point I was getting at was that he wont budge on his formation even when he has a lack of midfielders! How could he honestly think that Taylor is an improvement on Diame!? Just change the formation you nobhead!

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