Next week is a must win!

That relegation zone seems to be getting closer and closer every week and next week is a must win! Southampton and Villa are now starting to pick up much needed points under us while we still falter along. We have a game in hand but it’s against United so we can only hope that by the time they play us in April they would had the title wrapped up.

Next week the fixtures are:


Sunderland v Man U (United still need points)

Southampton v Chelsea (Chelsea need to consolidate their position)

Villa v Liverpool (I can see Villa winning that)

Wigan v Norwich (I can see Wigan winning that)

If we win we have nothing to worry about because we could be 11th! But if we lose worse case scenario could mean level with Villa on points in 16th and Wigan 3pts behind us! Of course chances of all the teams under us winning are very slim but you never know! Next week must win or I can see Allardyces contract going into the shredder.

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2 thoughts on “Next week is a must win!

  1. I was more shocked at the poll, c’mon guys, 6 points will see us safe, we’ll be done with three games to go.

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