Hurst: ”We could be the next Man City”

Got your hands full Geoff?

Got your hands full Geoff?

“It’s not beyond the realms of possibility if we go to the stadium and with the support we’ve got,” 

“West Ham has a huge supporter base. If you could make a comparison to another club of a similar stature and I would say Manchester City is it.

“Look what has happened to them after they went to a new stadium.

“If you were a foreign investor looking to buy a football club then West Ham would be a similar contender in the new stadium.

“More so if you want to buy a London club rather than a team in Manchester.

“It would be absolutely unbelievable. That could happen.

“I think it has been great for Chelsea with (Roman) Abramovich and for Manchester City. It has been great for the game. Of course I’d be thrilled to bits if it happened to West Ham.”

So what do you think of this statement? He has a point and I’m pretty convinced G&S are secretly hoping that the move attracts a big investor to come in and take the club over. London has more attraction then Manchester when it comes to investors and lets be honest they could get us on the cheap for a club with a 60k stadium in the capital.

But after all the ribbing I have given clubs like Chelsea and Man City for being plastic and fake do we really want to become one?

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6 thoughts on “Hurst: ”We could be the next Man City”

  1. I have thought the same thing for years, even before the OS came into the frame. From a growth perspective, I honestly don’t think there is another team in England that approaches us if you were some mega rich person looking to buy a club. And I have no doubt that G&S think the same. They have even said as much, promising to step aside if some billionaire ever wanted to buy the club.

    And I also understand your final point. The first time I ever flew over to go to Upton Park (1-1 v Chelsea, we signed Joe Cole to his first contract at halftime at the center of the pitch. 1997, I think), the man sitting next to me asked me how on earth a Manhattanitte came about supporting West Ham. I told him the story, and he said the following. “Supporting West Ham is a lot like life. More often than not you are left disappointed, but you just keep on going now don’t you?”

    There is nobility in our suffering…….but I’d take the money and run like I stole something.

  2. Oh, USA Dave – we wouldn’t really want it any other way would we? – it’s a white knuckle roller coaster ride supporting whufc than compared to other clubs, & tinged with sadness, loss, disappointment, failure – eclipsed with brief moments of exuberance. It’s something we’ve got used to through the years – NO – what we’ve come to expect!!!

    • I’m in for life, M. Knee deep. I’m more co-dependent on West Ham than I’ve ever been on another person. Including my wife and two kids. When we lose, I’m miserable to be around for days.

      But we just keep going, don’t we?

  3. absolutely it would be great to join those elite clubs in every sense.and I believe its the only way forward for the entire premiership.

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