If Allardyce had his way he would of gone for this player

Yes we were linked to him and yes it would of been another Allardyce disaster zone as signings go. Thankfully Stewart Downing turned us down! Liverpool hosted a Q&A for SD on twitter and got more then they bargained for….(comedy ensued)


Chamakh was getting this level of abuse at Arsenal because he is so bad and we still went ahead and loaned him in….

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3 thoughts on “If Allardyce had his way he would of gone for this player

  1. Any chance that this site will stop slagging off our manager Sam alladyce? It’s all I see lately! It’s not even constructive critisim. Yes sometimes the football is terrible, but we have played some fantastic football as well. How about we sack Sam, and say, employ someone with virtually no experience, a la di canio, dicks etc, etc. get real, alladyce has done his job, and in the situation our club is in he’s done it well. Promoted at 1time of asking, (those who thought that we were too good for the championship and “should of walked it” really don’t know what the championship is about!). I’d love to see di canio one day, but I emphasise one day! As for alladyce not giving the youth a chance that’s a load of bull too! Spence, Potts, tomkins (who is no where near as good as last season) plus numerous others that have been on the bench. My rant is over, thank you and goodnight!

  2. …and good morning. The criticism is constructive, this is the news at the moment and points need to be pointed out. He has said he wont sign unless he is given shed loads of money and I’m pointing out that when he is given money he is spunking it all away.

    So should they give him another contract? Jay for all you know he might not sign the contract anyway…

  3. Glad this issue is being pointed out, Allardyce needs to give Moyes a ring and ask advice about signing quality on a budget. The gulf between the two managers is huge!

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