Would we have still beaten Stoke had Sam’s hand not been forced?


It turns out that the two forced subs in the first 10mins of the game against Stoke City was a blessing in disguise! But I’ve been asking myself would the result of been the same had Taylor and Cole stayed on?

I don’t have much beef with Joe because he is proving to be one of our best signings but Taylor was again preferred to Collison which is just bizarre! It’s clear to everyone that Collison is an all round better player then Taylor and yet Taylor gets the nod. If Taylor hadn’t had a face full of Crouch’s boot how long would it of been before Allardyce thought I’d better make a change?

How comes O’Neil is constantly getting the nod over Vaz Te? Even though Vaz can be a selfish wanker at times he provided the pass for the goal and added for attacking depth to the team. Has Sam finally seen the light? Why does it take an injury to force him to make the right changes? Next game I want to see a midfield of Collison, Diame, Vaz, Jarvis and two up front of Carroll and C Cole.

Also yet again he makes the defensive move of taking Jarvis off and replacing him with football genius Pog and it all went tits up! Just like against Spurs all of a sudden Stoke saw a chance to get a draw and nearly did! Allardyce’s tactics and frail beyond belief and if it had back fired again there would of been blood after that game.

Sam you lucky lucky boy….

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6 thoughts on “Would we have still beaten Stoke had Sam’s hand not been forced?

  1. Spot on about Cole. Can’t blame Sam for starting him. As for Collison, we just don’t know about his knee the way Sam and his staff do. Maybe they over-manage his injury? Who knows.

    Vaz is just so infuriating at times I would have been shocked to see him IN the starting eleven. Maybe this will provide the fire under his arse to keep his place. I’m not betting on it, though.

    Finally, why Cole up from with AC? If the earth does change direction on its axis and Sam plays two up front, I can’t ever see it being that pair.

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