David Gold Interview – TalkSport

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4 thoughts on “David Gold Interview – TalkSport

  1. Just found this on Yossis wiki page:

    Yossi Benayoun stated that Eyal Berkovic was a contributing factor in his move to FA Premier League side West Ham United, Berkovic’s former club. He joined the newly promoted West Ham in 2005 and shocked Bolton Wanderers manager Sam Allardyce who had told Benayoun “You are joining the number one contenders for relegation. West Ham will not play real football and you won’t get any playing minutes. You will not advance. They will get relegated”.[35][36]

    Will not play real football!! Sam has seen to that now!

    • You will however turn into a millionaire – which, if nothing else is a great sweetner. Berkovics performances with us, didn’t exactly set the world on fire either.

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