That £1,100 bar bill

For that was the damage – £1,155.90 – at the bar on the Saturday night and early hours of Sunday on the eve of the West Brom, away game.

Though the club are adamant none of the team had a drink on the eve of the match.

And they insisted Allardyce picked up the Hilton Hotel tab at the new National Football Centre near Burton upon Trent.
One receipt — named “WHU main bill” and timed 9.28pm on December 15 — is for £372.05 of drinks.
It includes £205 on six bottles of wine. Another bill timed at 12.11am on December 16 reveals the party splashed out £774.85 on alcohol.
There is even a receipt for two Jack Daniels whiskies timed at 3.37am — just 12 hours before the game against Albion.  Some bills are signed off by Big Sam’s aide Neil McDonald.

The squad also booked 33 rooms.

One said: “From a party of 33, if most were players and didn’t touch a drop — which is unlikely — that’s a hell of a booze bill for the rest.”

A West Ham spokesman said: “This was a private bill paid for by the manager as a Christmas thank you to his extended backroom staff.”

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